Hey. Mark got tenure at USC. They were playing phone tag for a couple days, but finally got hold of him today with the news.

Thing 1 – We don’t have to move. If you DON’T get tenure, they’re basically showing you the door.

Thing 2 – The longer, more important thing, is that when you start at USC on the tenure track, you’re on the clock. And right smack in the middle of the last, most important year of the clock, I got cancer. Luckily, Mark is his own boss in the lab, and he was able to take off to take me to doctor appointments and chemo and surgeries. But you can only do so much of that and still accomplish the grants, papers, collaborations, and reviews that all count toward your score.

So congratulations to Mark and his lab for their excellent hard work.

And the deepest of gratitude to all the people who provided rides, food, care packages, visits, pick-ups, drop-offs, playdates, cleaning, chores, furniture moving… To Mom who came to live with us for months. Even to Darleen and everybody in Buffalo who stepped in to take care of Mom’s house and dog and watercolor classes in her absence.

Y’all are the best.