I’m almost at four weeks post surgery. In another 2 weeks, I’ll be allowed to start my PT (physical therapy).

The first 6 weeks are all about the meat package woven around the prosthetic scapula healing down, solidifying in to position. After all, it’s the only thing holding the arm to my body. I’ve been concerned about the position the shoulder has been healing in. The sling and the overzealous pectorals had been pulling the whole thing forward, so that it was jutting forward at almost ninety degrees. The plastics guy gave me permission to sleep without the sling, which, thanks to gravity, gave me a nice flat shoulder by morning. But then, the sling would have it pulled forward again by the end of the day. Too many repetitions of this are also obviously bad for the shoulder solidifying in one position, so I’ve given up on the sling entirely for now, and lean back or lie down most of the time.

It’s looking nice and flat, and feeling a lot firmer. My next concern is that it appears to be drooping compared to the right shoulder. I contacted the PT person I’ve seen in the past (for knees), and she said it sounds like I’m doing the right thing for now, and if the droop isn’t too severe, not to worry, they have a new technique for that. Because the prosthetic is metal, they have a special magnetic harness they can put me in while I’m sleeping that will slowly draw the joint up. Without me having to spend a bunch of time standing on my head! Because that was my next plan.

The only downside is that I won’t be able to use my computer while wearing it, but I’ve put up with worse.

Happy April, everybody.

(OK. This was all true except the magnetic brace part.)