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Category: Things My Kid Says

Napkin napkin nappy oh.

I can hear Sarah singing to the laundry as she folds it. I think the words go, “Napkin napkin nappy nay. Napkin napkin nappy nooo. Napkin napkin nappy woooooooah.”

Obviously it’s just the chorus, but it’s got a nice hook.

Remember the Lemurs

I’m not sure what’s happening in the shower right now, but I just heard Sarah rock-and-roll shout, “Don’t stop the lemurs!”


I cut my own food at dinner. (It wasn’t pretty, or efficient, but I did it without hurting anyone.)

Also I drove Sarah to school this morning. It was only my second time behind the wheel in six months (the first being a doctor appointment yesterday).

In Sarah’s own words, it wasn’t scary at all.


S: Do you think, with modern medicine, there will ever be a time when 45 is considered young?
M: …

Feelings Package

This is a feelings package. Open it.

Porno Surfaces

‘Porno surfaces may require more than one coat’ #thingsmykidsays

(She was reading a can of spray adhesive. ‘Porous.’)


Sarah wants to be ketchup for Halloween because the neighbor puppy is going as a hot dog.

Cancer Update: Collaboration

Mark stepped out for a moment during dinner preparations while Sarah was making the sauce for the fish.
S: Mom, can you open this jar of capers?
M: (sadly) No. No I can’t.
S: (frowns, then holds jar tightly with both hands, braced against counter) I’ll hold. You twist.
And dinner was saved.