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This catastrophic breakup song is inspired in part by NK Jemisin’s scfifi/fantasy Broken Earth series. Loved it! Also, Mark’s got a skeletal backing track already, so this one might make it into full song form.


This is the last time we almost kiss

Before the tension all goes slack

A final moment of ignorant bliss

Before the test results get back


Accidents or deliberate stings

Falls and breaks, painful things

The passing of time isn’t always benign


This is the last time the peace talks falter

Before we release the bomb

And it’s the last time we enjoy the spring rain

Before the storm is the calm



That crack in the earth will never close again

The end’s passed by already.

What you feel now are the aftershocks



This is the last time I’ll speak with you

Before everything we say is wrong

It’s the last time we’ll play this tune

Before the end of the song

Recovery Soundtrack

Cancer party soundtrack should include PF’s Comfortably Numb and CTD’s Afternoons and Coffeespoons. What else?


AC/DC Back in Black comes to mind

 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds? A little trippy to go along with your pain patch trip.
The Firm – Radioactive
Green Day’s “Do You Know Your Enemy”
 gloria gaynor”s ‘i will survive’
rachel platten ‘this is my fight song
‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot”,, Rocky theme song,
Hotel California of course
 “Beat It” by MJ
the Beatles ‘Here Comes the Sun’
Invincible – Pat Benetar
Take the Skinheads Bowling
Beer (the one by Real Big Phish)
I’ll get by with a little help from my friends
Burning Down the House
Hit me w ith your best shot, I’m a survivor, we are the champions

Schroedinger’s a Jerk

I have another scan tomorrow. Realizing it was so close, I had considered waiting to see the results before scheduling the return-to-the-living party. Then I realized that way lies madness. There will always be another scan.

So I wrote song lyrics about it. I do this to torture Mark. It should be read in a fast, cheery tone.

Schroedinger’s a Jerk

Am I going to live or die?
The scan will tell me my oh my.
Guess it’s neither that nor this
Neither hit and neither miss
Til someone checks to see.

I’ve got things to do now
Places to be
So I can’t wait and won’t, you’ll see
Cause Schroedinger, he don’t own me.

Hey kitty kitty kitty
Kitty kitty kitty kitty
Hey kitty kitty kitty
C’mon out of that box.

Am I going to rise or fall?
Don’t know yet, well damn it all.
You should tell that isotope
Don’t mess around with people’s hope.
Won’t someone check and see?

I’ve got things to do now
Places to be
Friends that I’m expecting to see
Tell Schroedinger to let me be.

Hey kitty kitty kitty
Kitty kitty kitty kitty
Hey kitty kitty kitty
Let’s burn down the box.

-Treanor Frey

(Just trying it out.)

Napkin napkin nappy oh.

I can hear Sarah singing to the laundry as she folds it. I think the words go, “Napkin napkin nappy nay. Napkin napkin nappy nooo. Napkin napkin nappy woooooooah.”

Obviously it’s just the chorus, but it’s got a nice hook.