Plane and hotel reservations are all finalized. I’m looking through the program now, and it looks exciting. This is my first time at this conference, so I’m doing a lot of research online about the presenters.  I don’t want to accidentally miss that one must-see presentation.

This will be my first flight on my own with the new shoulder. People usually see my big, tall self and ask for help putting their bags overhead. I wonder what kind of looks I’ll get when I ask for help with mine. Even though I don’t actually need it anymore, I consider wearing the sling when I’m out in new surroundings. Yes there’s a reason I’m not holding the door for you. It’s not that I’m insufferably rude. Sorry about your nose.

Thankfully, I don’t need both arms to write. Or draw. Or sing.

I should hurry up with that movie deal so I can hire a personal assistant to travel with me. Preferably one with leet martial arts skills.