Margaret A. Frey is a freelance writer who writes from the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. The author of over a hundred published essays and short stories, Margaret is invested in the public sphere. Isn’t everyone? Margaret holds a BA in English and a graduate degree in dog appreciation. Margaret lives with her husband of 38 years and canine literary critic, a fractious Bernese Mountain dog.

This Margaret is not me, which brings up the question, when I write, who should I be? I’ve been using Margaret Treanor Frey on FB so I can be found by people who knew me then, but it’s still too confusing with that other Margaret Frey out there.

Should I reclaim my maiden name for authoring? Should I be Margaret Treanor again (a name which doesn’t pull up anything of note on Google (yet))? Or should I use a new one completely?

I’m going to need to figure this out soon, because I’m submitting stories again. And I’ve signed up for a writer’s conference, the World Fantasy Convention in San Antonio, so I’ll need business cards.