This is not a scary or painful thing, more of a medical curiosity.

Along with the nasty chemical burns under my arms, the backs of my shoulders burst out in spots. Not so much red ones, like you would expect from a rash. These were pigmented, freckly. They started on my right shoulder, and over the course of a week, advanced all the way across to my left.

The dermatologist called this ‘radiation recall’. Also rare, it’s when the chemo recalls/reenacts/activates radiation damage in a location where it happened previously. The chemo was breaking out in a flaky, pigmented rash across my shoulders because that’s where I had previous UV damage.

Anybody who knows me at all knows that the sun and I have been lifelong enemies. My last sunburn was thirty years ago.

So high school friends! Remember that white water rafting we did on a Calasanctius field trip? Some of you might also remember I got the worst sunburn.

Well, it just started to peel.