Still hurts. It’s getting slowly worse. Or I’m getting too acclimated to my pain patch. I tried tightening up the sling, but it wore a hole in my elbow. Yes. An ulceration. A bedsore, if you will. Ugh. We’ve been changing the dressing daily and I have a nice, soft washcloth in the sling as a liner. So it’s nearly healed up.

The bright side is that now, rather than dreading the second surgery, I am positively enthusiastic about it. Let’s get ‘er done!

However, I got a call this week that the manufacturer has (again) delayed the ship date of my shiny new scapula to mid-February.

Luckily, Mom’s schedule in Buffalo has been much less problematic than mine, and she may be back in LA as early as 1/26.

Yay Mom! (Although, I guess now there’s no hurry.)