Yesterday, my oncologist said he wasn’t planning anymore chemo, since the margins were so clean and I reacted so badly to it. I didn’t really listen to the part where he said, “depending on the decision by the tumor board.”

The tumor board met this morning, and is of the collective opinion that I need 3 more rounds of chemo after the reconstructive surgery. My oncologist actually sought me out where I was waiting at the surgeon’s office for my post-op checkup to tell me in person.

I burst into tears.

He says this time they would just do the adriamycin, and not the cisplatin, so it shouldn’t be so bad. I guess I have a couple of months to reconcile myself to it.

Or I could refuse.

When the surgeon arrived later, he had the same message. The tumor board ‘overwhelmingly recommended’ additional chemo. I didn’t cry again, though. I had gotten it out of my system.

They took out the stitches and the drain, so there was some consolation. I can take the sling off to shower, now.

The shoulder still aches big time. I tried to clean up for house guests, and it’s turned into me sitting on the couch shouting instructions to Sarah. Bring that here for me to look through. Put this in recycling. Etc. She’s putting up with it pretty well so far. I’m lucky I have such a good helper girl.

And such good helper friends. It helps a lot to know that I’ve got support. Thanks guys.