Saw the surgeon today. Had to wait over an hour (why is that considered normal?). The tumor has grown a little bit, according to the most recent MRI. The chemo may or may not have slowed it down.

Re Fancy Drug Trial: It’s only Phase 1. That makes it a lot less attractive. Also, given that it’s already grown a little bit despite being exposed to some of the most toxic substances deliberately given to humans, we’re more inclined to just want it out.
Re WTF Scapula Not Done Yet: The surgeon is going to meet directly with the company on Friday, and ask if I can be jumped the queue, since cancer patients aren’t considered as having ‘elective’ surgery.
Re Resection w/o Reconstruction: Yes the arm just hangs there (shudder), but you can still use the hand and forearm.

If we can get the scapula done faster, we’re going to wait a little and do everything at once.
If we can’t get the scapula done faster, we’re still going to take the tumor out, hopefully in December, but there will be another surgery in January for reconstruction.

The whole thing just makes me tired. Or maybe that’s the 3 hours of sleep I got last night.