Feeling pretty okay today, despite low blood counts. The next thing I go to the hospital for is my 3D CT scan tomorrow to have my space-age scapula replacement made. (Gonna need a ride for that one tomorrow afternoon BTW, if someone is free from 1-4.)

I think I got through to my oncologist about exactly how bad my reaction to the chemo was last week, because they gave me the option to do it inpatient this next round coming up. So at least, even if I couldn’t keep anything down, I wouldn’t be starving and dehydrated for five days straight.

Dr. Hu says it probably isn’t related, but I think it must have effected my subsequent low blood counts (and lingering nausea and exhaustion).

It took three requests, but he also put in a recommendation for me to see one of their oncology nutritionists. I want to be as prepared as possible for this next round.