So, first day of chemo. I’m tired, and, impossibly, even whiter than usual. But I have all the right meds on hand so as to possibly avoid vomiting completely. Fingers crossed.

We’ve hit a snag on rides to chemo though. Because at least 22 hrs have to pass between Adriamycin treatments, the 3 hour delay invalidated all our lovely first-thing-in-the-morning start times for the next couple of days.

I put ride slots up on the site. If you happen to have a lot of flexibility in your midday schedule, please give them a look. The drive from our place to Norris Cancer Center is 30′.

(We know lots of people with flexible schedules, so please don’t sign up for this if you have to, say, use vacation time. (I know you guys. Some of you would do that.))