It starts tomorrow. For Week 1, I’m having 6 hours of chemo on Monday, 2 hours of chemo each on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a booster shot on Thursday. Mark is going to take me in for as much of it as possible, but I put up a couple times on the volunteer schedule where we could use some coverage.
Week 2 and Week 3 I get mostly left alone except for blood cell counts.
The cycle repeats two more times, on Weeks 4-6 and 7-9.
Then we do another PET CT scan to see if the tumor has been reduced enough to remove and replace the scapula while salvaging the arm.
I’m concentrating mostly on managing the pain in the arm, which will be shortly joined by managing the side effects of chemo.
Mom is in town for the foreseeable future.
We have a plan.
I have snuggly blankets, tasty snacks, and distractions thanks to the contributions of many.
Here we go.