The very last drawing in my cancer exhibit series was a new me rising out of the body of cancer me. Its title is ‘Human Again.’

Since then, I’ve eschewed my old bookkeeping ways and have instead been working on my music, my writing, my art, and more broadly, my self. Trying to answer the question, ‘What am I?’ As if I had been remiss all the years before cancer, and had forgotten to work on the thing that I should have been by now, and wasn’t.

What should I be?

The theme of the exhibit was originally going to be ‘risk’ but I realized, when all of my ideas included a significant element of fear, that I wanted this new phase of existence to be done with that. Pre-cancer me had fear. Fear of consequences. Fear of failure. New me rejects that impediment, guards against its creeping back in from a lifetime of habit.

So this exhibit is about potential, not risk.



Brain Food




Poppy Eyes


7 comments on “Seeds
  1. Gina says:

    Lovely work! I can’t have a favorite, they are all striking.

  2. Rose Kusmiz-Brunette says:

    Nice work!! I like Grounded and Suspended best. Both ends of the spectrum, I guess.

  3. Alicia says:

    Aloft is my favorite. It makes me think of when we would put maple seeds on our noses as kids. I wonder if a face of maple seeds would look like muscles. It has me thinking.

  4. simply beautiful illustrations of a beautiful, soaring woman. Thanks for sharing your spirit, your art, your poetry, and yourself.

  5. gord jones says:

    wonderful wonderful wonderful!

  6. Gabe Simon says:

    It was awesome seeing these in person! The craft is great but the messages and what the imagery means have me reason to linger on each one for different reasons. Great stuff 🙂

  7. Dana says:

    Absolutely amazing! I loved looking at these seeds from your point of view. I loved the details in Aloft. I also loved Suspended, very touching.

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