To Be Continued… The Cancer Series

To Be Continued… The Cancer Series

This exhibit marked the end of a year of cancer treatment, surgeries, and recovery. It took place in the Garage on Castera in September of 2017.

“Don’t Put That There”


“Attachment Issues”

“The Cavalry”

“There’s No Hiding” – sold –



“Human Again”


2 comments on “To Be Continued… The Cancer Series
  1. alyeska says:

    The art here is just amazing.

    I like the website. I agree that it would be better if you could click on the images and see them bigger, but control plus-ing to make everything bigger is an adequate substitute.

    I am most blown away by the image you posted to Facebook.

    But my question is about the teddy bear image. Why are the pins numbered in that particular order?

    I plan to come back and spend more time with the art later.

    • Margaret says:

      I think of it as a voodoo doll. The order of the numbers isn’t particularly important, but they do each stand for something that went wrong during the chemo and surgeries. I thought about publishing a guide to them all, but really nobody wants to hear about it, hence the title of that piece, ‘TMI’.

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